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" The Swank team have been great to work with and even though we are not located in the same province their services have no borders. Fantastic service!  "
-  Shayne DeMarce  (STORE OWNER)

Square One is a plumbing and HVAC company that operates in the greater Edmonton area.


When first talking to Shayne (the owner), he made it clear that he wanted to improve his search engine optimization (SEO) in order to generate more business digitally.

Prior to working with our team, Square One’s website had not been technically set up for SEO. Aside from their Google Business profile, you were not able to access any page of their website from Google’s search engine listings. Additionally, their website did not appear amongst any industry-specific search phrases or any local search phrases.

Our work

Some of the SEO tasks that we performed to ensure Square One’s website was publicly available on search engines and ranking in the desired search areas, included:

  • Submitting the website’s sitemap to the major search engines such as Google

  • Manually indexing each website page to ensure search engine crawlability 

  • Developing and Implementing industry & location specific high-traffic keywords within the sites titles, captions, pages, etc.

  • And much more..


We were able to successfully make Square One’s website available on all major search engines, the various SEO tasks our team performed allowed them to begin ranking for relevant & high-traffic keywords.

SEO Importance

As younger generations adopt more digital technologies, younger consumers increasingly turn to search engines such as Google to discover and hire trade-based services. It is critical for trade-based businesses to focus on digital marketing and SEO in order to generate untapped business online.



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