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" The team at Swank has been an excellent partner in optimizing the digital aspect of our business. They are educated, competent, determined and possess the hands-on experience that is required to scale your company's online presence!  "
-  Make it out inc.  (MANAGEMENT)

Makeitout Inc. is an international record label that has attained grammy awards, numerous Billboard charting hits, multiple RIAA platinum plaques, and much more.

Before working with Swank, MIO had a simple website that did not highlight the prestige that their company possesses. In our discussion with the MIO leadership, it was clear that elevating their look and brand was the foremost concern. 

Our Work

We overhauled their website with a completely new and stylish design that was relevant to their industry and that included musical elements. Some of the features that we included on their new website included:

  • A list of the artists that their label had worked with, and the ability to play their songs directly on the website

  • The ability to play music videos directly on the website

  • Custom profiles for all of the producers under MIO’s management, and profiles that featured the exact songs that each producer created

  • The ability to purchase and/or license beats from each MIO producer

  • And much more.

Our Results

The result was a modern looking and highly functional website to represent the strong brand that MIO has built through the years.

For More Info

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