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" Ben Anderson and his team completed the best, most professional website I have ever seen, at a fair cost, and I've been working in corporate for decades now. Ben and his team came up with beautiful creative ideas for my website. If I had to create a website all over again I would choose Ben and his team. They are kind, professional, friendly and amazingly helpful. Out of 5 stars I would give them 12.  "
-  Janet Anderson  (STORE OWNER)

In the realm of grant-writing and funding applications, Bright Idea Proposals possessed invaluable expertise. However, without a website and a cohesive brand identity, their potential was hindered. That's where Swank Business Solutions stepped in, providing them with essential digital solutions.

Before partnering with Swank Business Solutions, Bright Idea Proposals lacked a digital presence. Their outdated logo and inconsistent branding made it difficult to showcase their expertise effectively. Recognizing the need for a modern touch, they turned to Swank for assistance.

Our Work

Swank Business Solutions worked diligently to address Bright Idea Proposals' digital challenges. They designed a sleek and user-friendly website, highlighting the company's services and expertise. Additionally, they created a new logo and established a cohesive brand identity, aligning with Bright Idea Proposals' vision.


The impact of Swank Business Solutions' efforts was evident. With their new website and refreshed branding, Bright Idea Proposals gained credibility and attracted more clients. Their journey with Swank Business Solutions paved the way for continued growth and success in their industry.


Today, Bright Idea Proposals stands as a testament to the power of strategic digital solutions. Thanks to their partnership with Swank Business Solutions, they have established a strong online presence and are well-positioned for future success in grant-writing and funding applications.



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