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" Very professional and very helpful throughout the whole process! Highly recommend! Their work ethic is the type of work you want!  "
-  Derick Deleon  (STORE OWNER)

Astige is a luxury clothing brand based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba that creates high-quality and handmade items.  Astige came to us with hopes to redesign their website in order to match their brand identity, while representing the impeccable quality that goes into every item they create.

Given Astige’s unique and innovative design style, it was imperative that we create this website as not only an aesthetically pleasing e-commerce website, but as a full artistic experience and portfolio to fully highlight the power of the Astige brand and its products.

Scope of work

Prior to working with Swank, Astige’s website was very basic and lacked many fundamental design elements. They were also experiencing issues with their e-commerce functionality and payment processing,  which needed to be addressed immediately. 


After the initial conversations with Derick (Astige’s Founder) about the identity and the vision of the website, we got to work. 

The outcomes of the new
Astige site included:
  • A completely refreshed user interface and user experience (UI/UX)

  • An expansion of pages to highlight Astige’s brand

  • Custom content and animations throughout the site

  • Improved E-Commerce functionality and payment processing

  • Technical SEO work to optimize the site for search engines and discoverability

  • And more…

View the website at:

The launch of the website coincided with a new Astige product launch, and the store saw record sales almost instantaneously.



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